Mr. Cary is and outstanding patroness. His vast knowledge of the legal system has earned him the ability to translate legal concepts to his clients in a manner that is not intimidating. His responsiveness and passionate demeanor is appreciated in every aspect as he strives to build a strong and trusting rapport with each and every one of his clients. The level of professionalism in which he displays is unsurpassed. The aggressive approach used confirms his willingness to work hard for his clients and supersede their expectations. Michael was truly a delight to work with, and I would recommend Cary Law Office to anyone seeking legal services.
Erika W. Wilkes, Management Assistant, Charleston Yeager Airport
Michael Cary is the best attorney in Charleston. When a client works with with him he shows three characteristic that I believe set him apart from other attorneys. He is empathetic, knowledgeable, and energetic.

First and foremost, Michael Cary seeks to know a client’s needs and, above this, the client’s perspective. When he understands the client’s perspective he then combines the client’s view and the best course of action. He is able to do this with a wealth of experience and a constant effort to learn and take on new challenges. He displays the energy and vision necessary to grow into each and every case he accepts.

My wife and I work with Mr. Cary regarding the most important issue to us the well being of one of our sons. This is something we do not take lightly and we appreciate everything Michael does for us.

I would like to start off by saying that their is no way we will ever be able to say enough about what a great lawyer Michael Cary is in this review! Michael Cary fought for our children’s rights to be heard even as minors and for what they truly wanted and he never took “no” for an answer. He is very down to earth and has always taken the time to explain the things that we didn’t understand. He listened to everyone involved, he made our children feel very comfortable, jumped on the trampoline with them and passed the ball around in his suit LOL. He comes highly recommended by our family and our children in every way possible, and he is very professional in the court room. He has always taken the time out of his busy schedule to make the phone calls himself and to answer any questions we may have had. Michael Cary was a true blessing in our situation, that we had been fighting for nearly 7 years! He swooped in, and in way less than half that time and many, many court hearings later, finally our children were listened to, because of him, If it wasn’t for him this would probably still be going to court. He fought with everything he had in him not because he was being paid to do so but because of what was the right thing to do, true compassion, he is their Gaurdian “Angel”
I’d like to let him know while I was too busy crying over the great news that he delivered himself, today is my birthday and it was the most wonderful present I could have ever been given! Thank you!!!
Lori & Mark, via AVVO
Michael was very professional, did not make me wait and there was immediate interaction. He answered all of my questions and was very precise in his answers. I was very pleased with all aspects of our meeting. I will continue to seek legal advice from him. He is my lawyer of choice.
Stacey, via AVVO
Mr. Cary is an amazing attorney! He is someone who knows how to calm your worries and ease your fears, while seeking justice on your behalf. Having Michael as my attorney gave me someone who is down to earth and easy to talk with outside of a courtroom and provided me with a sharp legal mind inside of the courtroom. At the end of my case, I was happy to know that I had an attorney with Mr. Cary’s legal skills on my side because I was finally able to obtain justice.
Jonathan Wesley Prince, M.A.
Michael is the best lawyer I’ve ever had. He’s beyond nice! He helped me and my dad so much! I could never thank him enough. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
Client, via AVVO